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What is netMeter?

netMeter offers a comprehensive, multi-functional network quality measurement solution in a single device, all at a reasonable price. It is the perfect solution for network engineers, Internet service providers, and IPTV service providers.


netMeter is a handheld all-in-One network tester that provides field engineers with convenient portability for carrying it around.

Consistency and easy to use

netMeter is an excellent solution for providing a consistent measurement environment for field engineers. As an all-in-one portable measurement solution, it is not only convenient to carry around, but also can streamline training for field engineers with its user-friendly and intuitive UI, enabling consistent data collection.

Versatile Cloud-Based Operation

Since netMeter is operated through a cloud-based web UI, it is not dependent on device platforms and can be remotely operated from anywhere. This capability reduces unnecessary on-site visits, saving costs, and enables adaptation to various usage scenarios.

We offer automated OTA (Over The Air) firmware updates to add additional features, providing users with more to explore and meet their demands. This ensures that users can easily keep up to date with the latest enhancements and functionalities without the hassle of manual updates.